Empowering Growth.

In the realm of Sales and Business Development, Olabode Ifeanyi is nothing short of exceptional. He is passionate about driving business growth and consultancy to empower both potential and existing businesses across all levels. Olabode’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering belief in Africa’s transformative potential inspire him to help individuals uncover their true talents and monetize their passions.


Elevating businesses.

His professional journey has taken him through prominent organizations, including roles as Business Development at Flutterwave and Maplerad and Head of Sales for Payfi. Olabode’s impressive achievements in numbers include significant revenue growth, market expansion, and establishing enduring client relationships. His expertise has made a substantial difference in the businesses he’s been a part of.

Driving Business Growth

Olabode is exceptional in driving business growth, applying his passion to empower both potential and existing businesses.

Consultancy for Empowerment

He provides consultancy services aimed at empowering individuals and businesses across all levels.

Uncovering True Talents

Inspired by his belief in Africa's transformative potential, Olabode helps individuals uncover their true talents, guiding them to monetize their passions.

Professional Achievements

Through roles at Flutterwave, Maplerad, and as Head of Sales for Payfi, Olabode achieved milestones in revenue growth, market expansion, and client relationships.



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Olabode Ifeanyi is a versatile professional with expertise in career coaching, business development, event management, photography, and storytelling.

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